Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"I'm Bored" said the Homeschooled Child.

The homeschool year is technically over....we have completed the required number of days and all of the county schools and most of the private schools in Marietta are out. Aaron kept very good track of "how many more days" until summer. That's okay, we were all kids once and looking forward to summer was what kept us going. Now that summer is here and all of the activities and classes have come to a close, we are truly in a lull with "nothing to do".

I have to admit, I actually was a little depressed. We had a great year and I loved all the time we spent together and all the things we did. Now we have the seemingly slow transition to summer and from busy, (good busy, our busy) to pretty much nothing. What to do? What to do?

Today we had the logical discussion about why he is bored. We talked about the fact that we were very busy during the past few months and now everything is over. We talked about just taking the time to find some good books to read, catch up on some math lessons (that went over big), watch some movies, have fun at the pool, and just rest.

Saturday he is off to Student Life Camp and is signed up for two classes at Southern Polytech, one in June and one in July. The classes are each two weeks. The schedule will quickly be "good busy" again.

So, my advice is to explain to the children why they may feel the way they do, bored, nobody to play with, nothing to do etc. And, then to plan some activities and fun things they can look forward to. Put the activities on the calendar, but make the time now a lesson about learning to entertain themselves and enjoy the transition time.

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