Saturday, September 15, 2007

Homeschooling Using Star Wars

Aaron is very interested in Star Wars, the movies, the characters, the video games, and YEAH! the books. He has been playing, Star Wars Republic Commando and studying the book, "Star Wars Complete Cross-Sections". He came up with what I think is a great idea to incorporate his interest in Star Wars into his homeschool projects. He suggested that he journal about the missions he was completing in the Republic Commando game. What a great suggestion. Why? Number one, he thought of it, number two it incorporates something that he isn't especially thrilled about doing, that is writing, and third he can practice his typing using Word on the computer.

I suggested that he just start typing to get his ideas on the paper, we would correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar afterward. He typed for a good 20 minutes and then we went over the draft and corrected it. What an excellent exercise in creative writing, spelling, and grammar. He did a very good job with his narration and vocabulary. We have two good days worth of material so far and are considering publishing them on his own blog. Another great exercise.

The interests our children have should be incorporated into the lessons we teach them each day as we homeschool.

Read it now at Star Wars by Aaron

Aaron is also working on his e-commerce site We'll talk about this in future posts.

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